Rise & Grind: 5 Steps to a More Productive Day

I ran across a t-shirt the other day that said “Rise & Grind” on the front of it. The message really resonated with me; it spoke to the essence of who I am in every sense of the word. Most days I feel like I’m on roller-skates buzzing around with a to-do list in my hands and my hair in the wind. I’m sure if your days are anything like mine you can relate. You probably wish there were more hours in a day; unfortunately we’ve only been given 24, which may be a blessing in disguise. So what’s the best way to utilize these hours and make the most of the day you might ask. Here are five things that have helped me over the years and truly hope they will help you too:

1. Get a good nights sleep – Sometimes it can be hard to turn off when the day finally comes to an end but this is a necessary step to being more productive the following day. The body needs rest to be effective and at its peak performance. Make it a point to get in bed at a decent hour, your body will thank you!

2. Eat right – The food we eat fuels our bodies for the day. Eat healthy throughout the day. It is recommended that you eat 5-6 times during the course of a day (3 meals and 2 small snacks). If you’re always on the go like myself pack small snacks that are healthy and filling for a quick bite. I love a mix of almonds and raisins, or even an apple. Remember “Garbage In = Garbage Out”.

3. Make a list – Compile a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish that day first thing in the morning. Make sure to prioritize your list so you know what things are most important. When your list is complete start with the most pressing task and work your way down the list. Try to check off at least the top three on your list before the end of the day.

4. Stay Positive – Expect great things to happen and they typically will! If I go into my day with a positive attitude expecting to accomplish great things I normally do.

5. Reset – Understand that even if you do have a bad day today, tomorrow is a clean slate. Mistakes are bound to happen so in the words of Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” and move on. Identify what you learned from them and try not to make the same mistakes again. Self improvement is daily so live, learn & let go.

Now it’s your turn to share. Let me know what helps you to be more productive. What does “Rise & Grind” mean to you? If you like what you see make sure to sign up for our weekly blog posts for more tips, insight and fun. Looking forward to hearing from you!