3 Quick Tips for Caring for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

baby feet and skin

“Baby Skin Sensitivities: What You Should Know.” How do you know if your baby has sensitive skin? What can you do to ensure that her skin doesn’t become irritated?

Our babies are such sweet, delicate creatures, aren’t they? They seem so defenseless when they first arrive in this world, and we fret about anything they come in contact with, fearful of what could happen as a result.

Babies’ skin is especially delicate, much like their immune system, and can flare up for seemingly no reason at all. It can be hard to find the culprit for the sensitivity, but it’s important so that your child is comfortable. Below, we’ve listed some ways to protect your little one’s skin, safely.

  1. Wash baby’s clothes and bedding separately, with a mild detergent. Because their immune systems have not fully developed, the harsh chemicals in regular detergents can irritate your child’s skin, causing rashes and discomfort. Avoid the situation by using a detergent that’s dye-free and chemical-free. You may also want to cut out any itchy tags on baby’s clothes.
  2. Avoid bathing too often. While it may seem you’re doing your little one a favor and keeping him clean, too many baths can dry out his skin and remove the natural oils which protect it. Pediatricians recommend 1-2 baths a week to avoid conditions like eczema.
  3. Know what’s in your baby products. Many hair and skin care ingredients contain additives that can result in irritation, or even an allergic reaction. Limit your child’s exposure to harmful chemicals by reading labels, and garner knowledge about what’s in the products.

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