10 At-Home Date Night Ideas to Try Tonight

Leave work, pick the kids up, grab the dry cleaning, stop by the grocery store, cook dinner, help with homework….sound familiar?  Life has a way of grabbing us by the arm and dragging us along even if we don’t want to.  Finding time for a date night can be hard work so that’s why we’re here to help, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  These date nights are not just for a special occasion, so don’t feel limited.  We all know how hard it is to keep a regular date night, we’ve got you covered for the next 10 months, 1 date night a month!  If that’s not enough let us know and we’d be happy to give you some additional ideas.  Here are our favorites, give one a try tonight:


  1. Have a Game Night: Invite some of your favorite couples over for some friendly competition.  Serve snacks, drinks and let the party begin
  2. Have a Cultural Experience: Plan a meal from another culture, cook together and dig in.  Indian food, Paella & Sangria, Mexican food be as creative as you like
  3. DIY it Together: Is there a project at home that needs completing? Take a trip to the local hardware store, get your supplies, put the tunes on and let the good times roll.  Thinking about going green at home, check out the link to give you some great ideas http://www.sustainablebabysteps.com/going-green-at-home.html
  4. Take a Trip: At home of course; plan your next vacation, get some travel books, print out some cool pics and start planning
  5. Recreate the Moment: Think back to one of your favorite moments or dates and recreate it at home.
  6. Get Artsy with It: Get a canvas and paint a picture for each other;  add food, drinks and music and it’s a party
  7. Fondue Anyone: Purchase a fondue set and make chocolate dipped everything (anything dipped in chocolate is good)
  8. Triathlon at Home: Be silly, pick 3 of your favorite at home activities (i.e. classic video games, board games, pizza eating) and compete against one another.  Up the anti by adding a little wager for the loser. If you have a competitive side this is the perfect activity, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t be able to stop laughing at one another!
  9. Plan a Picnic at Home: Put the blanket down on the living room floor, grab the picnic basket and have a great evening
  10. Set up a Tasting Night: Plan to taste some of your favorite drinks and food pairings.  Try to throw some new things in there to taste, you just might find a new favorite.


Have fun trying some of these at home date nights; for even more ideas (pics included) check out the link below:


Let us know your favorite date night and if you have ideas that you love post them below!  Can’t wait to hear from you, enjoy.