Breastfeeding + Going Green

Have you ever wondered if breastfeeding is part of green living, or can help you go green? Well, here’s a list of ten ways breastfeeding can help you save the planet – even during those 3am feedings. Some of it is intuitive, others are a bit out there – but thinking about it logically (and a little science never hurts to back it up) can help us understand that breastfeeding is good for mom, baby and planet earth!

• No packaging to throw away! Straight from the tap means no bottles, cans, boxes or other materials to recycle or trash.
• No late night trips for formula means you use less gas (score!)
• Fewer bottles (or none) to wash means less water down the drain
• Pumping into a glass bottle to reduce plastic use – check out this mama’s ingenious use of mason jars!
• Breastfeeding can decrease a woman’s risk of disease such as cancer, diabetes, and depression (less doctor’s visits, medicines, etc.)
• It saves money! The food is free!
• Reduces the environmental impact of dairy farming since cow’s milk is the main nutrient in formula
• Moms who breastfeed burn more calories (don’t tell us this isn’t going green!)
• Breastfeeding reduces global pollution by lessening the demand for formula, transportation and manufacturing costs.
• Saves electricity! Nothing to turn on or light up in the middle of the night! Though the early days might require a smidge of light when you and baby are still getting the hang of things.

So if you were wondering if breastfeeding helps you go green, rest assured Mama that you and the little one are doing your part to keep our planet strong and healthy!